martinii90 (martinii90) wrote in beau_broken,


I just got the link to your LiveJournal from Lacheyfiction!
Your site is great! Really!

I'm making a graphic site at the moment... (the coming soon site: enter ) And I saw your journal, and I wanted to try, so I hope you don't feel like I'm using your idea! I'm gonna use this blog/journal for updates on my site etc... So it will be a part of my site! Can I link to you?

Take care, make love,


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Thanks. I'm glad you like it. I'm not sure how much time I'll have for it though because I start school in a couple weeks. So it's going to be hectic. But I'm going to try. I have a livejournal also, besides this one here, my personal journal, that I sometimes post my graphics on for people.

We need to promote this community big time!

There's also this Jessica community, if you're interested, please pass this one around as well!