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Welcome to Beautifully Broken!

Hey guys!

Welcome to Beautifully Broken, this is a community for Ashlee Simpson graphics and designing, layouts, siggys, avatars, icons, animations, wallpapers, ETC...please join, pass the word along to your friends who may be interested and have fun! Hopefully, we can get a nice amount of people on here and get the graphic works going!

I'm working on setting up the community now...there's a lot to be done, but getting members is a start. Also, I know some don't have journals on livejournal. To post and view the community, you dont need a JOURNAL, but you do need to create a username and password, it doesn't mean you need a journal. So pass the linky along to fellow Ashlee fans, and join! Hope to see y'all and all the wonderful graphic makers there!

Your Mod!

Also! Make sure you read the few rules posted in the "userinfo" portion of the community!
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